The story of Emem - part 1

16 Ogar street

Jarro a young handsome monster, met Noku through friends during the Boka championship games. It was love at first sights for Jarro. Noku, on the other hand was not impressed by Jarro's good looks. It took him about 6 months of courting before she agreed to go on their first date. The date, a mediocre success was followed by 7 more and about 520 years ago Noku became mrs Noku Monstra. They went house hunting, a difficult task since Jarro was not easily satisfied. In the end they found a cute house in what would later become the center of the monster village on 16 Ogar street. The house would become their home for the rest of their lives. Years later this same house would be known as the birth house of Emem, founder of MiNDiNG MoNSTeRS.
Jarro and noku Monstra
baby Emanuel

The birth of a leader

After having been married for 7 years, Noku and Jarro Monstra became the proud parents of their first and only son. They decided to call him Emanuel after Noku's grandfather, one of the village founders. He was quite small for his age during the first few years of his life, a fact that would define his personality. He developed a great sense of humor and at a very young age it became clear that due to Emanuel's charismatic nature he would get away with anything, a fact that made him very popular from kindergarten through high school until he graduated form the university of M some 30 years later. His childhood was ordinary. His parents were neither rich nor poor; both Noku and Jarro worked hard to earn their living. Jarro had been a floor manager at the fish factory for the last 86 years and Noku taught history at “Mongol high” which sparkled Emanuel's interest in the monster's legacy.

The student years

Besides his parents, Emanuel's great grandfather (after which he was named) was of great influence on him. Emanuel would spend much time with him during his childhood. He would listen for hours about the old days and how his great grandfather founded the village with his friends. They would see each other daily until he passed away at the age of 812. Emanuel, 21 at the time, received the news while starting his second year at the university of M where he studied Business science as well as monster history. Around the same time he ran for president of the student council. He lost but when he tried again, a year later, he succeeded. He became the first student to be elected two years in a row for the same function. During his presidency he made some radical changes in University policies. Other monsters, fascinated by his passionate speeches would follow him and it became clear that he was a born leader. His energetic appearance and ongoing search for justice and peace earned him the nickname Emem. The name, short for Emanuel, is of Ibibio (Nigerian) origin and means peace. During his third year he met Havi, a cute girl that would one day become his life partner.
to be continued...
the university of M