map of Leviatha

This is a modern map of the island of Leviatha. The island's landscape is beautiful and filled with nature. The highest point on the island is the top of Fisgo, the highest of the Har mountains , with its 520 ft above base. The lowest point of the island is the Nesz Lake. The climate on the island is bearable. The summers are easy but the winters are cold. Just outside the island's South coast are a group of small island called the K island. These islands are inhabited by snunkats, small creatures that can not be trusted. The Southern part of the island is covered by a large thick forest, the Nom forest. On the North-West border of the forest, are the Har mountains, a group of high mountains. In the shadow of these mountains lies a large lake inhabited by over 300 different species of fish and other creatures.
The lake is located in the area surrounding the Southern part of the village, which earned the nickname “monstrocity “. It's a relative new area that contains the industrial area, the stadium where the Boka games are being held and the university of M among other things. On the Northern part of the island you'll find the monster village. The village is quite large and it inhabits all of the monsters. The oldest part of the village is the center where approximately 40% of the monsters live. The rest of the monsters live in the area surrounding the center but spend much time in the village center where all of the shops are located. The village contains a few hills with the Sugar hill being the largest and the highest. This is where the MiNDiNG MoNSTeRS headquarters are located.