how to integrate a MiNDiNG MoNSTeR on your website

step1 choose a monster

step1 - choose a monster

On the meet the monsters page, choose the monster you like. There are currently 15 monsters to choose from. Each monster has its own functionality so first decide what your website, blog or profile page is in need of; you can read about the monster and its function in the monster page.

For each monster you will see free goodies next to the description. Among other free goodies you will see the option to place the monster on your website. Click the link in order to create the needed code.
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step2 customize your monster image

step2 - customize your monster image and generate the code

Once you clicked the link, a new floating window opens. Here you'll see the chosen monster in three available sizes. The first thing you do is choose the monster size you want to integrate in your website. Once you have chosen the size, you can enter the background color you want your monster to have by using the HEX code for the wanted color. Choose any color you want so that the monster will integrate well in your website. Once you are done press the generate code button and a few lines of HTML code will be generated; you will see code in the bottom text field. Copy this code.
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step3 integrate the code in the HTML

step3 - integrate the code in the HTML of your website, blog or profile page

Now that you have the code, choose a location on your web-page for the monster. Make sure that the location you choose will allow the monster to perform his job. If your monster minds friendships, keep him near any social features you may have, if he minds finances, keep him near your business features and so on. The monsters like attention, so make sure it'll be seen by many people. Remember: if you take care of your monster, it will take care of you. The monster will be click-able. If clicked, the monster page for that monster will open in a new window, so no one will leave your website.