the MiNDiNG MoNSTeRS headquarters

When Emem founded the MiNDiNG MoNSTeRS, he set up office in a spare bedroom in his house. Very soon it became clear that more monsters where interested in joining the organization and he realized that he had to rent an office. Within a year history was made when the first office was rented. It was an old 2 room office in the southern part of the village. It was not too fancy but it was practical.
It took about 4 years when the office became too small for the growing organization and it became time to move again. Since the organization was not earning any money, it was not easy to find something but within a year a warehouse was found not far from the original office. The warehouse was very old and practically falling apart so the landlord agreed the monsters use it for free if they would renovate it. This warehouse was to become the first official headquarters.

The “cat”

About 2 centuries later, the MiNDiNG MoNSTeRS were a well-known institution. Monsters were no longer making fun of Emem and his vision and more and more donations were made. When Moya joined the MiNDiNG MoNSTeRS, her extremely wealthy parents decided to build the new headquarters. The building was designed by her uncle, Kuma, a well-known architect. He had designed the old city hall as well as the first spa.

Now a location had to be chosen. Emem had bought a piece of land on top of the “sugar hill” back in the days when he worked in real-estate. It was decided that the hill would be a great location for the new headquarters. The construction of the new headquarters was completed in about 2 years. Due to its shape, locals used to call the building “the cat” and the name stuck. The “cat” has been the headquarters ever since.
the cat
headquarters ground floor

A quick tour

When you enter the “cat”, the first thing you see is a large open area. Most of the time, you'll see a lot of activity in this space. It's where the monsters mostly meet, relax and talk about their latest missions on the large blue sofas that dominate this space. On each side of this open space there are rows of offices. In the middle of the offices is a large meeting room. On this floor the kitchen is located as well. If you look up, you'll see a balcony across the whole second floor. Since the building has large windows and you can see the ceiling of the building from the ground floor, there's a lot of natural light coming into the open space. This gives the space a warm and pleasant feeling throughout the year.

On the second floor, the dorms are located. This is where the monsters sleep every now and then. Usually when there are long and intense missions, most of the monsters stay at the dorms. Each room contains between 2 and 3 beds.

There are two more floors bellow the ground. Not much is known about these floors. The only thing that is known that one of the floors contains a large control room and a few labs. Besides that there are many rumors regarding activities going on on the bottom floor, but none of these rumors have ever been confirmed.