Emem is the founder

meet Emem

full name:
Emanuel "Emem" Monstra

Emem founded the MiNDiNG MoNSTeRS and functions as its CEO. Nearly four centuries ago, the monsters and human beings did not get along. Humans saw monsters as scary and dangerous creatures. Emem then founded the MiNDiNG MoNSTeRS to show that they are caring sweet creatures. In the beginning many considered him a fool but the organization is a great success with more monsters joining it every year. Emem is considered one of the monster's greatest visionaries. read more about Emem's life

Emem has been a MiNDiNG MoNSTeR for:
342 years

Emem likes:
Uma Thurman, jazz, Dr Dre, Dr Phil
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Emem dislikes:
cheese, reality tv, war

Vigo - childhood friend
Progi - great grandchild
Proga - great grandchild

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