Cooking with Chow

Chow has been cooking since he was a young monster just like his father and grandfather. Some of Chow's recipes have been in the family for 12 generations. He his considered a revolutionary cook when it comes to traditional dishes and well-known for his fusion between the traditional monster recipes and our food. He introduced the pizza to the monsters some 50 years ago and since then has invented over 120 kinds of pizzas.
Now Chow has decided to share some of his recipes. His recipes demand great cooking skills but with patience you will also be able to create some of the original monster dishes. Some of the ingredients may be hard to find but with some creativity you'll be able to find replacements for these ingredients. Stay posted because Chow will release one of his secret recipes every now and then. Enjoy!
Mondou stew

Mondou stew

Mondou stew is one of the monsters leading traditional dishes. The original mondou stew is quite different from modern versions of the dish. It was invented by ,Nesz Lake, fishermen. Originally it consisted of anything they would catch that was not worth selling. For the last 800 years its main ingredients have been Tunks and Zworn, both very common in Nesz Lake.

Chow's version of the dish has earned him 5 mondou stars during the last annual mondou festivities, a record number of stars. It was actually Chow's father who held the previous record of 4.5 stars. For many years Chow's success was a true mystery since he refused to share his recipe until now.

Now you have the chance to impress your friends and family with this tasty dish. Follow the steps with much patience and don't worry if the first try does not succeed. It is considered a difficult recipe and not many succeed the first time they try it.
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